Hick-hop group Redneck Souljers recently released visuals to their latest track, “Down This Road”, which sheds light on the artists’ grueling journey of overcoming adverse life situations and struggling to find courage. Seamlessly fusing traditional country-style lyricism with more synthetic hip-hop elements like 808s and autotune, Redneck Souljers create a matchless sound that seems to stand in the shadows of Bubba Sparxx and Cowboy Troy. The Ed Pryor-directed and produced video parallels the tracks’ country foundations and follows the storyline of an unsuspecting moonshine purchaser. Their debut album, Tiller Gang, is available on iTunes.

The latest single from their debut album, Tiller Gang!
Redneck Souljers - “Down This Road
Directed/Produced by Ed Pryor
A ballad chronicling the enduring hardship of overcoming adverse life situations receives it’s complimenting visuals.
Watch what happens when an unsuspecting moonshine purchaser enters a deal with “the Souljers.”
The curious subgenre of “hick-hop” or “redneck rap” has been around for a while now, pioneered by artists like Bubba Sparxxx, Cowboy Troy, and Everlast. In recent years hick-hop has exploded with popularity with rappers and country singers collaborating more than ever and new acts like Colt Ford and The Lacs topping the charts. 

Redneck Souljers (Fatt Tarr & C-Hubb) are next up to bat, fusing contemporary rap styling (skittering 808 drums, chanted choruses and Auto-Tune) with guitars, banjos, fiddles and rhymes about farming, fishing, hunting, truck driving and hard drinking. A group originating with “country rap parodies” has surpassed it’s purely humorous beginnings - with catchy production, strong songwriting, and well-produced music videos to create truly compelling content. 
From Winchester, TN - Based out of Nashville